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As a labor support doula I assist laboring women in their pursuit of a safe and memorable birth experience. I provide emotional support, suggestions for comfort measures, positioning that may assist in the progress of labor, physical assistance, and an experienced presence in the labor environment. My goal is to serve you in a way that you will feel well cared for throughout this very significant life event.

Our first meeting serves as both a “get-acquainted” and a prenatal meeting. At this time we discuss your birth plan, and how I can assist you in achieving that plan. I am a resource for any questions you may have while preparing for your upcoming birth. Once my services are retained, I am available by phone and email for pre-labor questions or discussions, and I am always on call up until the birth of your baby.

When labor begins and you request the presence of your doula, you may expect me to arrive in about an hour. My support and presence will be continuous throughout active labor and birth. My role can vary from family to family, but my primary role is to provide physical support and comfort measures, as well as emotional support and reassurance.

I use my own individual strengths, experience and skills to make suggestions for position changes, movement, and breathing in the interest of comfort and the progression of labor. I can help guide your breathing if that comforts you, and speak quiet, reassuring words to help you with your visualization and focus. I help out with whatever needs arise, and can photograph your labor and birth if you would like me to and as I am free to do so.

It is reassuring to the birth partner or family members to have me projecting a calm and objective presence during times when the mother may be experiencing discomfort and displaying emotional stress. I model comforting techniques, which encourage your birth partner's participation. This often frees the partner so they themselves can relax and join in the efforts to comfort the laboring mother.

My services are concluded with a postpartum visit to your home, usually within one to two weeks after the arrival of your baby. This visit serves as an opportunity for us to discuss the birth, answer any questions that you may have, and to admire your baby! While technically this ends our professional doula/client relationship, I welcome phone calls, notes, and updated photos of your baby and family.

Some of the services that are outside a doula's scope of practice are speaking to your caregiver or medical staff on your behalf, prescribing any medical treatments, making decisions for you, or guarantee any particular outcome. Also, I do not perform clinical tasks, such as vaginal examinations, fetal monitoring, blood pressure, or diagnosing conditions in either the mother or the baby.

I have received training from the Seattle Midwifery School and have been certified by the Pacific Association for Labor Support (PALS). I have over 26 years of doula experience, which includes home, birth center and hospital births, VBACs (vaginal birth after cesarean), twins, and working with relinquishing mothers.